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Common FAQ's

Can I have my criminal history removed from my profile?
Criminal history proven to be inaccurate is of course removed from your report. Validated and accurate criminal history can NOT be removed from your report. That said, we understand that people are only human and do make mistakes in life. That is why we give you an opportunity to explain the situation. You can attach notes and explanations for the criminal history if you feel it necessary. This gives you an opportunity to explain in advance to anyone viewing your profile the circumstances leading to the criminal record. That way, you are being open and honest and can let the prospective contact make the choice to communicate with you or not. If it is a minor offense and you are up-front and honest about it, most people may be able to look past it. In fact, taking the time to explain the situation CAN actually increase your score in some cases. The thing we've all been told is true. Honesty is always the best policy.


Am I eligible to receive a ProveME IDtm if I have a criminal record?
Yes. Everyone is eligible to create a ProveME IDtm. Having a criminal history will negatively affect your score based on the offense type. Also, anyone you authorize to view your ProveME profile will see any publicly available criminal history you may have. For example, if you are a registered sex offender, anyone you authorize to view your profile will see a note of such. You cannot disable public criminal records from your report and they are always visible to anyone who views your ProveME profile.


Am I able to see how you calculated my score?
Of course. You can always see what information our automated validation system discovered about you. You can also always see how each discovered element affected your score.