Dark Web Monitoring

A growing number of identity protection solutions today claim to be able to detect your personal information on the Dark Web. And, they can ... to a degree. The unfortunate truth is, the Dark Web changes on a daily basis and is by design difficult to navigate and monitor.

With every transaction encrypted and funded using monetary systems such as Bitcoins that are virtually untraceable, no solution can protect your information 100%. What ProveMEtm can do is notify you instantly if your personal information is detected for sale or in use on the Dark Web.

Deep Web vs. Dark Web

Most Internet users aren't aware the Internet as they know it is actually only 1 of 3 distinct levels. The public Internet is generally limited to what search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are aware of. However, there are two "more seedy" levels of the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

The Deep Web

The Deep Web comprises the majority of the information that is available on the Internet. This is because is it largely comprised of millions of gigabytes of raw data that most search engines simply don't spend the time to index. These databases can be compiled of anything from years and years of geneological data, news archives or court record archives to more sensitive information such as vital statistics or even declassified military operations. Most of these data repositories are used primarily for research purposes as many are housed and maintained by churches, government entities, colleges and universities.

While not difficult, accessing these vast information sources is extremely time consuming. For that reason, common search engines do not spend the time needed to digest the information these sources offer. Because a significant strength of ProveMEtm is reconstructing past and personal relationships, it dives deep into these resources and uses information it discovers to reconstruct previous relationships, career information, news archives, court records and ancestery information to form the most detailed personal profile possible.

The Dark Web

Although it represents a small portion of information available, the Dark Web was originally developed to facilitate primarily illegal operations over the Internet. On the Dark Web a person can easily buy illegal drugs, participate in human trafficing, sell and exchange personal information and even assume a complete alternate identity. In most cases, transactions relating to these behaviors are virtually untracealbe.

In general, the Dark Web can only be accessed using special software and is largely unavailable to the average Internet user. In addition, because of the design of the Dark Web, sites change frequently making it next to impossible to predict or depend on any form of consistency. ProveMEtm uses proprietary technology developed in a degree of secrecy to constantly scan the Dark Web for specific information relating to each profile. Over time, trend-based search technology enhances our ability to cross-reference public Internet and Dark Web identities to pinpoint trends and similarities.

ProveMEtm Is the See All

Because the amount of data that must be digested is significant, compiling a complete profile isn't fast but it is thorough. Many profile discoveries complete in a matter of days, while others can take weeks or even months to complete. ProveMEtm stays on the job until it runs out of data sources to search, no matter how long that process takes. The determination of ProveMEtm has earned it a place in the market as a powerful and reliable solution.

Best of all, anytime ProveME discovers new information about you, it can automatically and immediately notify you of the discovery and can many times help you take steps to secure the information from public access.

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