* Source: Gun Violence Archive - https://www.gunviolencearchive.org

Privacy vs. Safety

We all value our personal privacy. But, that poses some difficult questions we must ask ourselves.

Where do we draw the line between our personal privacy and protecting our children and loved ones? When do we as a society step up and recognize the bad guys use social media and Internet technology to target us? When do we recognize that we have the power to use the same technology to protect ourselves? That is the basis of the ProveMEtm platform.

ProveME knows personal privacy is a delicate topic. That is why we've spent years fine tuning our proprietary technology to help protect you and your loved ones while not compromising your personal privacy. Our Patent Pending discovery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is designed specifically to identify threats and other concerning information WITHOUT compromising your personal privacy.

Gun control and taking away our Constitutional Rights to protect ourselves may not be the best answer. A more effective solution to the ever growing problem lies in the technology and knowledge to prevent a threatening incident before it happens.  With very little initial information, ProveMEtm has the power to do just that.


Personal Solutions With ProveME Hometm

Speak Up! Save A Life.
You may be the most valuable tool in the effort to save a life. You can say something while remaining COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Any information you provide is kept confidential and is automatically routed to the appropriate agency.

Sex Offender Alerts
Do you know who lives in your neighborhood? Would you know if a registered sex offender moved in next door? With our proprietary intelligence gathering platform you can be alerted anytime we detect new or changed registered sex offender activity in your area.

Screen People
Whether you are hiring a sitter for your children, a contractor for home repairs or considering dating someone new you have the right to know who is gaining access to your family's lives. Our simple screening tools allow you to gather criminal and other public information about a person of interest.






Business Solutions With ProveME Protm

Identity Verification
The Internet and the Dark Web offer remarkable anonymity. Knowing who your dealing with can seem almost impossible without the right tools at your disposal. Whether you need to screen potential new employees or protect your current personnel, our advanced identity validation tools are there to help.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Our proprietary non-invasive monitoring technology helps your organization know what is being said about you and helps you mitigate threats to your employees before they take potentially tragic.

Shared Data API
Our data integration API's are designed to be simple, effective tools for sharing data and Internet intelligence. The ProveMEtm REST based API's can integrate easily with virtually any solution allowing you to leverage information we gather in your current applications.


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