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Know your ProveME Scoretm and what people can learn about you on the public Internet.

  • FREE ProveME Scoretm
  • Comprehensive Self-Background Check
  • Social Media Scan
  • Get Notified When Your ProveMEtm Report Is Requested
  • Know Who Is Selling Your Information
  • And More...

Small Office
Perform background checks and social media scanning for current and new employees, property rentals and more.

  • Social Media Activity Monitoring
  • Fully FCRA Compliant
  • View All Employees From Your Dashboard
  • Pay-Per-Check Controls Your Costs
  • Automatic Notification Of Changes
  • And More...

Enterprise Solutions
We can customize a ProveMEtm package tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Whether you need to monitor background reports, social media traffic or verify the identity and background of people visiting your organization, we can customize a package tailored to your enterprise needs. Contact us today to see how affordable securing your facilities can be.

Leverage the most advanced technology available

The ProveMEtm platform runs on some of the most advanced and secure technology available today. Personal data is never permanently stored online and is protected using proprietary database storage technology virtually isolating it from hackers and web-bots.

Access Anywhere
MOBI-First design lets you access your account anywhere and from virtually any device with Internet access.

BOT Detection
Our exclusive BOT detection technology helps assure all profiles are a real person and not a computer impersonation.

Advanced Encryption
All transactions are secured using bank and government level SSL technologies to keep you and your information safe.

Multi-Platform Connectivity
ProveMEtm interacts with most online social media services enhancing its ability to connect your online identities.


  • "I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, but after seeing it in action I'm now a believer. Keep up the good work! It's about time someone offered this solution."

    Daniel D. ― Wichita, KS.

  • "As a parent, it frightens me to see all of the news stories about educators preying on our children at school. I am absolutely thrilled that this solution exists. Every school should be required by law to monitor teachers and educators using this system. Kuddos, top notch idea!"

    Susan W. ― Dallas, TX.

  • "I served as a superintendent of schools for nineteen years. Student safety was my first and most important concern. One of my biggest fears was an employee having inappropriate conversations and/or relations with a student. Having a solution to alert me to a possible problem would have been reassuring that I was providing as much protection as possible. ProveME is exactly what I needed!"

    Jim M. ― Norman, OK.

Latest ProveMEtm FAQ

"Does ProveMEtm monitor and record all of my electronic communications?"

NO. This is one of the most common misconceptions of the ProveMEtm monitoring engine. We do not read or store your communications. Instead, our proprietary analysis algorithms employ a near real-time monitor for certain predefined keywords, Internet searches, specific patterns or behaviors among other criteria. Keyword triggers can be common words, emojis or slang terms for other words or activities. Unless a communication is found to contain one or more of these alarms, the communication is ignored and discarded immediately.