ProveMEtm Passive Monitoring

Your personal privacy is always top priority. With ProveMEtm, your employer monitors your online activity passively, working quietly in the background only activating when it needs to.

When alarms are triggered, you are always notified giving you opportunity to review the event at the same time your employer receives the information. ProveMEtm can even alert you when it detects developing patterns or potential alarm events.

Monitoring, Alerts and Alarms

ProveME provides the monitoring services your employer subscribes to. Your employer designates on an organizational level how monitoring takes place (and, what is monitored) based on their preferences. Our role is to provide those monitoring services and report resulting information back to your employer. We are a data provider only and do not enforce employee policy. That is between you and your employer.



Most times, Alerts are identified trends or patterns that ProveME has picked up on but have not yet involved activity that would cause immediate harm to any person or entity. Alerts are only "indicators" and do not indicate an immediate threat or need for immediate action, rather are "warning signs" that a potentially more urgent situation may be developing.

Example #1: Public School
An alert may be generated when a teacher initiates or responds to a new conversation thread with a student. Although the conversation may be completely innocent, ProveME will shift into a higher level of awareness of the interaction so it will be ready to react quickly should the future interaction contain keywords or patterns sufficient to cross the preset boundaries established by the school Administration.

Example #2: A Small Casino
An Alert may be triggered if an employee who handles large amounts of cash as a part of his/her job suddenly files bankruptcy. The Alert would be triggered to place the employer on notice extra workplace monitoring may be suggested to minimize the temptation to steal or in any way defraud from the company.

Example #3: Large Corporation
An Alert my be triggered if a monitored employee suddenly begins communicating with someone from a competing company. Although the conversation may be innocent, ProveME will more aggressively monitor the communication trends for changes. If the conversation shifts to include company information, files or other confidential information, ProveME will be ready in the wings to trigger a full Alarm.



Alarms are detected events that could be considered an imminent danger to yourself, another person or your organization. Alarms are always forwarded to your employer immediately and you are also notified that an Alarm has been triggered along with the ability to explain or react to the information.

ProveME also looks for "Emergency Situations" that it has interpreted as being an immediate and extreme danger to any person or place and responds immediately with an Alarm to all necessary parties.

Example #1: Public School
An Alarm is trigged if a conversation between a teacher and student suddenly turns sexual or contains sexually explicit photos, inuendos or emoji's associated with a sexual act. An example Alarm might read: "Jane Smith has communicated with another person using sexual emogi's [... meet me tonight in the park by the walking trail]"


Monitoring Helps You Too!

ProveME isn't a static database of information tidbits. It is a living, breathing and constantly learning digital environment. Part of the monitoring process requires that ProveME try to learn as much about your online presence as possible. We engage a variety of tools to do this. But, the most powerful of which is a customized Internet Search BOT which constantly crawls the Internet, Deep Web and the Dark Web looking for anything about you it can find. This information may include your personal information located on public websites, blogs, in databases as well as any photos you may be in. Many of which, you may not even know exists!

Anytime ProveME discovers new information about you, it can automatically and immediately notify you and can many times help you take steps to secure the information from public access.

Quick FAQ's

Will my employer be able to see all of my text messages?
NO. Your employer can only see your communcations which have met preset criteria for raising an alert or alarm (ie: those which contain a particular keyword or pattern).

Can my employer read my instant messaging and social media posts?
ProveME uses advanced algorythms and proprietary technology to anylize your online behavior. However, we do not save or retain any of your communications UNLESS it contains a pattern or keyword ProveME is trained to look for. In such case, the communications may be logged and reported to your employer. That said, you should always remember that any PUBLIC social media post or communication can be read by anyone without your knowledge or permission!

Can I temporarily disable monitoring?
It depends on your employers' policy on the issue. You should also note, if you disable monitoring on your ProveME account, your employer will be notified immediately. IF monitoring is a condition of your employment you could potentially jeopardize your position with the company. Consult your HR Department and Employee Policy Manual or Handbook for monitoring requirements.