Next Generation Mobile First Design

ProveMEtm works differently from most online background check and identity solutions. Because the platform was designed from the ground up, from a true "Mobile First" user interface to propritary data offline data storage technology the full featured solution allows us to streamline your experience.


No APPS To Install Or Update

All you need is access to the Internet on any device, regardless of operating system. Your Portal uses powerful mobile technology leveraging the built-in features of your HTML5 compliant devices. Legacy APPS can introduce an increased risk for your personal security as most allow direct access to sensitive information stored on your phone or tablet. By eliminating the need for legacy apps, ProveMEtm is able to do its job without compromising your security.

APP Feel Without The Overhead

Your Portal looks and acts just like legacy mobile APPS, but is 100% web-based. Using powerful new HTML5 performance and API's, ProveMEtm gives you access to your account information without compromising access to sensitive information you store on your device. If it needs information stored on your device, it will always ask you provide it securely.

Secure Communications

Your Portal never floods you with annoying PUSH notifications. Anytime ProveMEtm needs to communicate with you, it uses more secure SMS text messages or inline Portal notifications allowing you to decide when and where to read the message. Secure messaging never directly contains sensitive information about you or your profile.


You Control ProveMEtm

You always have full control over when ProveMEtm is monitoring and when it is in stand-by mode. Easily suspend active protection and monitoring on-the-fly and tell ProveME how and when to notify you of issues.

Employer Overrides

If your ProveMEtm account is provided as a part of ProveME Workplace, ProveMEtm can help you remain in compliance with your employer policies and requirements by preventing you from accidentally disableing services that your employer requires.


Track High Risk Conversations

ProveMEtm helps to protect you from malicious people, fraud and Catfishing by alerting you if you are communicating with know risky contacts. If your account is a part of ProveME Workplacetm it can also alert you when you are included in conversations that your employer considers a violation of company policy.

Keep On Top Of Your Profile

If ProveMEtm detects a threat to your security, or that your action is needed, it alerts you instantly with a message and automatically creates an easy to follow, Task that contains step-by-step instructions and assistance for resolving the issue.


Manage Your Detected Devices

ProveMEtm can help you know what other people can see about you by alerting you when one of your devices may have become compromised. If your account is provided by your employer, ProveMEtm can alert you anytime your devices cross over between work and your personal actions before your employer is notified of a potential security breach.

Instant Help And Support

Help is just a mouse click away. You can instantly access ProveMEtm support specialists directly from your Portal. Online support specialists can help you manage your information, remove incorrect discovery data, guide you on how to remove your information from the Public Internet or with any other issue.